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Chevaux en liberté, mustangs

Mustangs, Wild Horses of the West

"Centauriades 2006" Award for the french original edition . 


"Mention a Mustang and everyone instantly has an image in mind; usually a gleaming, wild-maned horse galloping freely across American grasslands. This book charts the progress of the authors as they spent five years living alongside these beautiful animals, travelling from North Dakota to Nevada.

The breed is given a real chance to shine; the book contains passages about the evolution of the horses, how they arrived in the nothwest of the USA, and how their arrival altered native American life. The life cycle of the mustangs is explained, from birth to death, with a dose of realism not always present in "fly on the wall" titles.

The photographs are trully exceptional and gain something through their captioning; the authors explain about the individuals horses they witnessed and the background behind the image. There are some stunning foal shots, fighting shots, beautiful sunsets and images that capture the seasons and the changing challenges they present for the horses.

This book is simply beautiful and provide such valuable insights into thiswild species and the challenging it faces with humans..."

Book Review by Rachel Twine in "HORSE and HOUND Magazine.




Chevaux en liberté, mustangs

Publié aux éditions Larousse
Octobre 2006
26 x 33 cm
224 pages